BOTC’s “Fashion’s Night Out” in Downtown Riverside, California was fun and cool, but I have something to say before I continue.  First I’d like to apologize to the lovely ladies of BOTC.  You’re never suppose to show up late to fashion events your invited to, but I did LOLZ.  However, it wasn’t without good reason.  Earlier that same evening I was at another historic event, the Welcome Reception for Dr. Tomás Morales, Cal State University San Bernardino’s newest and I believe first Latino President.  I was looking extra Chicano that evening, as I had ran out of hair gel and was forced to use vaseline to hold my hair in place.  I hadn’t used any greasy hair products for ten years up to that point.  Now it will take a week for me to get this greasiness out my head.  I can still feel the grease right now…

Anyway, as I was saying earlier, BOTC’s “Fashion’s Night Out” was an awesome event.  Taking place at the Crescent Jewell Restaurant in Riverside, CA, with plenty of fashionistas, designers, stylists, and all of those who have made fashion an important part of their lives.  When I walked in I could feel a mist of love and compassion, everyone was here because they truly love and can appreciate the artistic qualities of clothing.  The music was right, there were smiles everywhere, and the models were looking lovely.  Shout out to everyone that made this event the hottest in Riverside: Sherifah Jefferson, Brittney Daniels, Jessie J, Mr. Bradshaw, K’Sandra, DJ RUDE BOY, all the models, and all the other hotness and cool people there.

I can’t speak on the other collections because I didn’t see them, but I do have to highlight Jessie J Collections.  He had one sparkly, black dress in his collection, may have been sequined, with shiny bronze lines that seemed to outline the model’s body as she moved across the runway.  Another model had a red jacket and pants that were both lined with a black trim.  The piece immediately reminded me of a meshing between a formal tuxedo style suit, and Michael Jackson’s infamous Thriller outfit.  Just amazing.  To top it off it was shiny and silky.  I am one of the biggest fans of silk because it can make anyone standout effortlessly.  Those were some of the most gorgeous pieces I had seen in a long time, and I wish Jessie J nothing but success with his collection.  Visit his website here:

Another highlight was a pair of glistening heels by Shoe Girls Love.  My sister fell in love with them when she saw them: Bright Pink, if I remember correctly, with little rhinestones that looked as if they were intricately placed by hand one at a time.  These are so different then any type of glitter heels you find at the mall and definitely worth the money.  You may visit their website here:

Pop Star K’Sandra also hit the stage and performed her single “Finger On The Trigger.”  This performance was interesting, as K’Sandra and her performers started their performance in the middle of the crowd.  I was surprised at first because I thought they were just a group of people trying to get through the crowd, then they started dancing in front of me as soon as the music dropped.  In the words of my sister at that moment “I’m f@#$ing confused.”  The performance was none the less well choreographed and energetic.

I had my sister on standby taking photos during the last runway shows.  You can see some of the photos she took below.  You may also visit our tumblr page here:, and share the photos there if you’d like.  I’m not gonna lie though…we need a better camera.

I missed out on a lot, but next time I’ll make sure to get my behind there on time.  I am looking forward to BOTC’s next event and I know it will be da shiznit.

Peace Yall’


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