Expressing a love for MUSIC, FOOD, FASHION, FILM & ART

MUSIC: To create and collaborate with artists who develop their own unique soundscapes. We will mesh the Fashion Culture with Music and Consciousness.

FOOD: To teach our communities the importance of healthy eating, and developing a finer appreciation for Hood and Upscale Delicacies.

FASHION: To reach Prominence. We will use fashion to change the world and keep it looking Fresh.

FILM: We aim to create great films that inspire your Artistic Self and change the face of Fashion Advertising.

ART: We will create aesthetics that alter your vision of the world and stress the importance of culture.


Create a brand that encompasses all of these elements and inspires creativity in a World that desperately needs it. For us, MUSIC, FOOD, FASHION, FILM & ART are about more than just making money. We want to build a legacy that our community can benefit from long after we’ve left this earth. This might be a business that employs people in the community, or a non-profit that provides our youth with educational opportunities to keep them productive and off the streets. Always remember that your knowledge is useless to your community if you do not share it with them.  By spreading this knowledge one-on-one, we will all be able to build better communities that are less ignorant, more socially aware and unstoppable.


One Love,

Paul Martinez/Mané

Creative Director