If you’ve read some of my other posts, I love to give props to those artists who are talented, yet have not quite gotten the credit or recognition they deserve.  Today I will highlight Compton, CA rapper Problem.  Problem has been releasing material for the past few years, but this year is especially important for him.  Earlier this year he released a free mixtape entitled “Welcome To Mollywood,” in collaboration with Diamond Lane Music Group and the League of Starz music collective.  The sounds of this mixtape are definitive of the modern Southern California “Rachet” sound that was made nationally popular within the last year or so.  Problem also collaborated with E-40, providing the hook for “Function.” In fact, the hook for “Function” was sampled from one of Problem’s earlier songs entitled “Potion” ft. E-40 and Bad Lucc.  Now Problem has released “Welcome To Mollywood 2,” the sequel to his earlier, successful effort.  The new mixtape features League of Starz once again, who have seen great success themselves this year, as well as other producers and rap stars.  This time the production is hotter and the rhymes are more intense.  What I like about Problem the most is his flawless ability to develop a sense of rhythm in his voice.  His voice is so rhythmic he doesn’t need a beat to make him sound good.  It’s so hypnotizing that I sometimes miss some of his crucial metaphors, and I find myself re-playing his songs to understand what he’s saying.  Now that’s Talent!  I’ll leave you to do your own research on this great artist.  You may download Problem’s new mixtape and check out a couple of my favorite joints featuring Problem below.

Problem “Welcome To Mollywood: Part 2”


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