A Show Like No Other: Rising Hip-Hop Star “Show Luciano” aspires to become a West Coast Legend

Show Luciano DistortedRising Hip-Hop Star “Show Luciano” aspires to become a West Coast Legend

(LOS ANGELES, Calif.) The West Coast Hip-Hop scene has risen again, as many talented, young artists make names for themselves. Show Luciano, born Phillip True IV, is on a mission to become the next big Hip-Hop artist from the West Coast.

Show Luciano and brother, early 90's

Show Luciano and brother, early 90’s

The road to Luciano’s career starts with his passion for singing as a child. “I remember singing ‘This Is How We Do It’ in the back of my family’s car. I was only 4 years old and I knew music was my life.” These childhood experiences laid the foundation for his music education in later years, as he developed his musical abilities as a teen. By 8th grade, Luciano was being recruited by The Julliard School for his talent. Luciano later attended William Howard Taft High School, located in the Woodland Hills area of Los Angeles. Taft’s visual and performing arts program allowed Luciano to exercise his love for music. “At Taft I was able to develop more of my music education,” said Luciano. Luciano pursued his passion, until tragedy struck his family.

Luciano stood by his stepmother’s side after she was diagnosed with cancer. When Luciano’s stepmother passed, he was left with the responsibility of caring for his surviving family. “This was the hardest and darkest period in my life,” said Luciano. Even though death surrounded his family, Luciano stayed focused on his music career and education.

After High School graduation, Luciano made music school his next step. Family members suggested that he attend the American Musical and Dramatic Academyfor his music education, but moving to a foreign city was never an option for Luciano. “I wasn’t feeling the thought of moving away from Los Angeles to New York. I didn’t know anybody out there,” said Luciano. Luciano’s plan B was to attend The Musician’s Institute, but problems with registration prevented him from fulfilling his dream. “Every time I tried registering, my financial aid would get pulled, so I wasn’t able to enroll,” said Luciano.

Luciano then decided to attend Pierce Community College after a joke gone wrong. “I went with my friend for moral support because he was registering, and he signed me up as a joke. When the acceptance notices came, I got accepted and my friend didn’t,” said Luciano. It was here that Luciano studied International Business, before he left school to pursue his fulltime career in music.

Regardless of the struggles and misfortune in Luciano’s life, he claims to have no regrets. “My step mother’s death and leaving college were defining moments in steering me in the right direction for my career. Death and loss can be life changing, and make you want to be a better person.”

Show Luciano and Curtis Young

Show Luciano and Curtis Young

Luciano now works behind the scenes to perfect his craft with Hip-Hop industry veterans, including Dr. Dre’s son, Curtis Young. Luciano’s father worked with Young on several projects, so he suggested that Young take a listen to his son’s rap skills. “When Curtis saw I was serious, he let me go into the studio to learn my way around,” said Luciano.

Luciano feels he has learned some lessons from Young about the music industry. This includes everything from production to the purpose of different music equipment in a studio. “I remember Curtis had some music college interns working with him for a while, and I knew more about the studio than they did. I know Curtis is a great teacher,” said Luciano.

As he worked with Young, Luciano was blessed with another mentor, West Coast Hip-Hop Super Producer DJ Battlecat. Battlecat was originally brought in by Luciano’s Godfather to produce songs for Young’s new album, but Young had trouble relating to the tracks. “My dad paid for the production and Battlecat had these instrumentals, but Curtis didn’t want them. Battlecat was pretty much in debt to my dad. That’s when pops told him about my talent,” said Luciano.

Show Luciano in the studio with DJ Battlecat

Show Luciano in the studio with DJ Battlecat

Since then, Luciano and Battlecat have worked together to create wonderful music. This relationship has lead Luciano to a collaboration with “Tha Dogg Pound” lyricist Kurupt. “Battlecat and 1500 Or Nothing had originally made the instrumental for Kendrick Lamar, but the track ended up going to Kurupt because he liked it so much. I sang the hook for the song, and I’m looking forward to it being released,” said Luciano.

#Blocxnation, Show Luciano's Philosophy of Unity

#Blocxnation, Show Luciano’s Philosophy of Unity

Luciano’s career in the rap industry is more than music, it’s about community. “Blocxnation” is Luciano’s philosophy that he hopes will build a stronger sense of community and unite people around the world. “It’s something that everyone can relate to. Everyone comes from a block, no matter where you’re from or how rich you are. It represents the building blocks that create unity.”

Luciano’s family background will impress any entertainment veteran. His maternal grandfather is the Legendary Soul singer Al Wilson, also known as “Mr. Show and Tell.” It was at Wilson’s funeral that Luciano decided to pursue his career in the music industry. “I remember singing ‘Show and Tell’ at his funeral. People came up to me saying ‘It’s in your blood, you have to do this for your grandfather.’ I chose the name ‘Show’ to pay homage to him. Now I feel I have to be successful in this business to carry on my family’s legacy,” said Luciano.

Show Luciano's late Grandfather, Al Wilson, a.k.a. "Mr. Show and Tell"

Show Luciano’s late Grandfather, Al Wilson, a.k.a. “Mr. Show and Tell”

Luciano’s name reveals his dual personality. While “Show” is homage to his grandfather that represents a strong, on-stage presence, his “Luciano” side represents his business mentality and originates from Italian Mob Boss Charlie “Lucky” Luciano. “I like Lucky Luciano because even though he was a criminal, he was educated in how he did business. He wasn’t sloppy, and I respect that about him,” said Luciano.

The release of Luciano’s new mixtape, “R&B: Rap & Business,” showcases his unique rap and singing skills. Luciano works with new and established West Coast producers to create a sound that is a mix between modern and traditional Hip-Hop. “Myself, DJ Battlecat, Michael Ferrucci, Merciless, T. Dash, and other producers worked hard on this mixtape. We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it,” said Luciano.

R&B: Rap & Business, Show Luciano's new mixtape.Click Here to Download
“R&B: Rap & Business”, Show Luciano’s new mixtape

Luciano believes he will be able to build his Blocxnation brand into a national and global movement. His goals are to sign to a record label and leave his mark as a mogul in the Hip-Hop industry. “I’m not saying I’m the best in the game. It’ll take time before I’m known around the world. I’m young, and I’m taking steps to win the top spot.”

If you would like to contact Luciano, you can reach him at his email address, ShowLucianoBusiness@Outlook.com. Links to Luciano’s new mixtape and other websites can be found on his Sound Cloud at https://soundcloud.com/show-luciano. Follow Luciano on Instagram @showmethemoney90.

About Show Luciano

Show Luciano (https://soundcloud.com/show-luciano) is an upcoming Hip Hop and R&B star, hailing from Los Angeles, California. His new mixtape, R&B: Rap and Business, is a blend of underground lyricism and soulful 90’s style R&B. Luciano works with a variety of producers, including newcomers Ferrucci, Nat Powers, Merciless and T. Dash, as well as the seasoned veteran DJ Battlecat. Music is in Luciano’s blood, literally. Luciano is the grandson of one of the most successful singers of the Soul Music genre, the legendary Al Wilson. Luciano is destined to carry on his family’s legacy by providing the Hip-Hop community with the best music and entertainment. With the support of Music Legends and Newbies alike, Luciano is on a mission to become the next big artist from the West Coast.


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