Click to Download "Beats On Deck 2"

My story on this instrumental mixtape is quite interesting!

A few days ago I received an email from a producer with the most intriguing name. I open the email an out pops “G-Flair”. He asked me to take a listen to his work and possibly post his mixtape to my website, after dawning me with a list of famed rappers who have built an appreciation for his work.

Up and coming producers usually talk about how great their work is without any real substance to their claims. In fact there have been many times when I’ve listened to the work of these so called “producers,” only to hear a cluster fuck of noise and nonsense. When I came upon G-Flair’s beats, my ears were blessed with ghetto symphonies.

Hailing from the United Kingdom, G-Flair is a promising new talent that is sure to amaze Hip-Hop fans around the world with his signature sound. My favorite instrumental from this tape is Paper Bag Money, a smooth track with a hint of depression. Still, the beat goes hard.

Another standout track,”Living My Dreams,” reminds one of the “good-life.” I wouldn’t be surprised if an established rapper here in the States is caught spitting over this medley of synths and crushing drums.


Now I must be honest, not all of the beats on this mixtape are unique, and have that typical, popular Southern sound. However, the beats are organized perfectly and I would think twice before calling G-Flair’s work wack. It’s hard to make any type of great music. If you’ve never made a beat before, then I challenge you to make your own. You will soon see that it’s not easy.

I’m looking forward to hearing how G-Flair’s work progresses and improves over the course of his career as a beatsmith.

Please download G-Flair’s “Beats on Deck 2” by clicking on the mixtape cover at the top of this page or visit the “Mixtape of The Week” section our website. Tell all your friends to download it too. This is a great set of instrumentals for rappers on the come-up. You won’t be disappointed.

Follow G-Flair on Twitter @RealGFlair: https://twitter.com/RealGFlair

Hit Up G-Flair’s Facebook: Facebook.com/GFlairMusic

Peace Ya’ll


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