MIXTAPE OF THE WEEK +: SAP- “Surprise, Surprise”

SAP- “Surprise, Surprise”

The holidays had me slacking on the MIXTAPE OF THE WEEK +. Since I was late, I’ll let this mixtape stay up on our site until the end of next week.

This week’s MIXTAPE OF THE WEEK comes from Sap (Da Beat Man), an upcoming producer/rapper from Philly who has been shaking the air waves recently with a co-producer credit on Game’s “Celebration” single.  Sap is also the beat master behind Mac Miller’s “Donald Trump,” a huge hit to say the least.

Earlier this year SAP released his mixtape “Surprise, Surprise,” showcasing both his rapping and producer skills.  While his rapping may not be “Five Mic” quality, his production skills dwarf most producers his age.

His best beats are unique, with “bounce” reminiscent of a clash between Swizz Beatz and Southern flavored Hip-Hop.  Of course his catalogue of sounds is not restricted. He has songs and instrumentals for everyone to enjoy.

Not too long ago Sap signed with Cool and Dre, and he has been working hard to get his name and beats recognized in the industry.

His hustle only gets harder, making him stronger by the minute.  I’m looking forward to what this genius has in store for the future of beat makers and producers. I know his sound will change the industry.

Sap’s new mixtape “The Invite” will be released in early February 2013.  We will definitely remind everyone when it’s released.

Download “Surprise, Surprise” here: https://freshcliniclife.com/music/mixtape-of-the-week/

Enjoy the videos!

Peace Ya’ll


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