Black Friday 2012: The Experience


This Black Friday was quite calm for me.  I didn’t stand in line, arrived to my shopping destinations hours after they opened, and still bought everything I was hoping to get.  While my experience was great, other parts of California weren’t so pretty.

One of my friends posted pictures on his facebook wall of a broken window at an Urban Outfitters store in Southern California.  How can human beings be so excited about saving pieces of paper we call “MONEY”?

Think about it…


It seems to me that the savings on Black Friday aren’t that great, unless you’re trying to buy electronics.  But when you’re trying to save $20 on a pair of jeans after standing in line for hours and being pushed, it isn’t worth it.  Imagine how productive you could have been or how much money you could have made within that time frame, instead of spending $.

Don’t get me started on gas, which is another expensive reason for you to just stay home on Black Friday.


Oh and what’s up with the youth still using the word SWAG?

I was standing in line and overheard one young man say “On a rating of one to ten, how Swag is this?,”  as he showed a piece of clothing to his friends. I couldn’t help but cringe.

In fact maybe the U.S. should ban all minors without a parent or guardian from being able to shop during Black Friday.  I saw many young, annoying kids shopping with their friends, but with no parents or guardians to be found.  GO FIGURE!


There are many online Black Friday sales going on right now. Just stay home.

Here are some awesome picks for cool fashion savings:

SSUR Empire State:

The company that brought you the Comme Des Fuckdown design that A$AP Rocky has been wearing for quite some time, is giving 20% off during its “BLACK WEEKEND” SALE by using code: SSURDUBB.  SSUR is also giving 25% off on Cyber Monday by using code: SSUR25ER.

They will also be selling 150 “Strong Boxes” for $100 on Cyber Monday.  Although the 25% discount does not apply, each “Strong Box” will include: 3 T-shirts, 2 Hats, 1 Hoody + Extras.  That’s a pretty damn good buy if you ask me, considering the cost of most fashionable urban wear.

Visit SSUR here:, and make sure you stand far away from your computer screen so you can clearly see the artistic images on the homepage.

Pingping and Rabbit:

This is a cool fashion duo I’ve been following for a few years.  They have dope leggings, dresses, sunglasses and other fashion wear.  Get 40% off through Cyber Monday by using code: “THANKS”.

Visit Pingping and Rabbit here:

Portage Chicago:

This amazing vintage shop is discounting selected Cazal Sunglasses by as much as $200, with free domestic shipping.  The sale starts at 12 a.m. on Cyber Monday, with other vintage items also being discounted.

Visit Portage Chicago here:

Hope that helps!

I’ll end with a video, watch at your own risk.  You’ve been warned…

Peace Ya’ll


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