BAD 25 release only two days away!

As 25th Anniversary of Michael Jackson’s BAD album approaches, I am super excited that this album will see a re-release this September 18th…yes only 2 days away.  The updated album will include the original album and a second cd with all new material and unreleased material.  The Deluxe Edition will include the 2 music CDs, plus a CD and DVD release of Michael Jackson’s epic performance at Wembley Stadium during the BAD Tour.  Several other editions will be released as well.  This is going to be hot.  I’ve already listened to some of the unreleased material and it sounds amazing.  Some of the songs on the second cd have been released before, such as: Streetwalker, Fly Away, and Todo Mi Amor Eres Tu.  While I would have liked to have seen more unreleased songs on the album instead of these already released tracks on the second CD, it’s still nice that these beautiful songs were included.  You can’t go wrong with any Michael Jackson song in my opinion.  Check out this hot song…

Peace Yall’


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